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9320 TEDS Indicator - Hand Held Indicator

9320 TEDS Indicator

Hand Held Indicator


The 9320 Portable Strain Display Load Cell/Force transducer readout is a microprocessor based portable instrument designed to interface with any full bridge sensor with an output sensitivity of up to 50mV/V.  Bridge resistances from 85W upwards can be used with the 9320.

The 9320 is TEDS plug and play compliant to IEEE 1451.4

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9330 Portable Data Logger - Hi-Speed, Data Logger and Display

9330 Portable Data Logger

Hi-Speed, Data Logger and Display

The 9330 is a portable digital display and data logger capable of a 3750 Hz update rate at 24 bit resolution. Data can be saved to SD card at 1000Hz and can be exported to a PC via USB with Windows compatible software.

The 9330 can power up to 4 x350 ohm sensors with the calibration files of up to six being stored. The rechargeable battery offers a 300 hour stand by time with up to 20 hours continuous use.  

The 9330 is a true, portable, high speed data logger and display for force tranducers, load cells and torque transducers 

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DFI-02 6 Digit Display - Calibration Grade High Accuracy Force Indicator

DFI-02 6 Digit Display

Calibration Grade High Accuracy Force Indicator

The DFI-02 is based on the highly successful DFI-01 and is designed specifically for use in mobile or desktop instrument applications where high accuracy force or weight indication is required. The updated design includes a 24-bit ADC with high stability electronics and the firmware incorporates many new features to make this ideal for ISO-7500/1 calibration systems. The units small physical size and its tilt leg/carry handle offers ease of viewing and portability.

Front panel keys or Remote RS232 offers instant access to Tare, Set Zero, Print, Test (10 display) & Mode (Gross/Net/Peak) with full calibration and set up facilities. The detailed menu driven procedure can be password protected with two access levels to prevent inadvertent changes to calibration or set-up information.

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DFI-05L Digital Indicator - DFI-05L MK2 Panel Mount Digital Indicator in PCC1 enclosure

DFI-05L Digital Indicator

DFI-05L MK2 Panel Mount Digital Indicator in PCC1 enclosure

The DFI-05-L is a panel mount indicator designed for use with load cells in either weighing, torque or force measurement applications. Its dual slope 16 bit ADC performs 10 conversions each second with a resolution of 1 part in 63,000 and a maximum sensitivity of 1µV. Load cells can be wired in either 4 or 6 wire configuration and up to 4x 350R units can be connected to each indicator for platform or vessel weight displays. Standard features include Adjustable Filters, Automatic Zero Drift Compensation, Peak and Valley Detection, Display Filter, Last Digit Roundup, In-flight compensation and multiple point calibration with the Lineariser feature (maximum 10 points). 

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DIG-USB - USB Output Module


USB Output Module

The DIG-USB is a compact, high performance mV load cell and torque transducer signal converter with digitizing USB connectivity for your PC.

Connecting the DIG-USB to your PC means that data can be exported from your strain gauge device without the need for amplifiers, filters or other devices. The DIG-USB also provides excitation voltage for your device, eliminating the need for any external power. 

The Windows compatible software enables real time data viewing, data logging, manipulation and setup.

The DIG-USB can be supplied in the IP50 rated ABS enclosure or as a OEM PCB module 

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GL240 Data Logger - Graphtec Midi Data Logger

GL240 Data Logger

Graphtec Midi Data Logger


The Graphtec GL240 is a midi size, multi function data logger with ten isolated multi-function input channels with up 10ms sampling rate. This data logger can be used to measure voltage, humidity, temperature, pulse or logic

The 4.3” colour TFT LCD display makes it easy to read data in digital form or wave form and to check your measurement parameter settings.  

The GL240 also has 4GB built in flash memory to enable long term data measurement without the need for an external storage device. GL240 also has a hot swapable SD card slot for external memory, supporting up to 32GB

The GL240 can be powered via either AC or DC power supply or via an optional re-chargeable battery pack 

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LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Tester - Hand Held Load Cell Tester

LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Tester

Hand Held Load Cell Tester

The LCT-1 is a battery powered, hand held tester that can be used to test load cells or any strain gauge torque transducer or pressure sensor.

The LCT-1 is easy to use with linearity and repeatability tests carried out without user intervention.  Results are displayed via the 16 x 2 line alphanumeric display. Connecting your 4 or 6 wire load cell is easy via the built-in connector’s rising clamp terminals

The case is made from tough ABS and is supplied with a rubberized cover, just in case it gets dropped !

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AMS Sub Mini load cell
AMS Sub Mini load cell
Hi-Performance mini load cell

The Interface AMS is a S-beam style tension and compression load cell that’s built to offer high performance and accuracy in a small packa

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