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ALP Load Pins - Shear Beam style load pins

ALP Load Pins

Shear Beam style load pins

The Interface ALP load pins a shear pin style load cell featuring full stainless steel construction. The ALP benefits from improved temperature performance and IP66 environmental sealing as standard for use in hostile environments. 

The ALP is offered with a choice of 3 meter integral cable (other lengths are available) or M12 male connector to meet your requirements. If our standard device does not suit your application, we can offer customized versions, please ask.

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ELDP Load Pin - Customizable Load Pin

ELDP Load Pin

Customizable Load Pin

The EDLP load pin can be used as part of new designs or can be custom built to replace existing pins in clevis or pulley assemblies to add load monitoring or measuring capabilities.

For maximum flexibility in retrofit application the design can be adapted to replicate simple shaft designs, replace existing bolts, cable exits can be axial or radial and the slot for the keeper plate can be positioned for maximum convenience.

We have provided units with dual independent bridges and connections through a single multi-way connector for aerospace applications where a second output is required to provide an additional monitoring channel.

Whatever your application all we need is the basic dimensions and a load capacity in order to be able to provide a quotation.

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FLM-W Load Master - Wireless Load Link

FLM-W Load Master

Wireless Load Link

The FLW-W Load-Master is a radio Telemetry load cells designed for crane load indicator, crane shackle, lifting gear safety, aircraft cargo net  or over head weighing type applications.

The Wireless Load Master is supplied ready to use, has a line of site range of 100 meters and features an auto switch off function after 20 minutes of inactivity

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LCS Load Cell Shackle Pins - Cable or connector load cell shackes

LCS Load Cell Shackle Pins

Cable or connector load cell shackes

The Interface LCS range of Load Cell shackle pins feature full stainless steel construction, sealed to IP67 to withstand harsh enviroments while while offering high performance over a wide tempreature range. 

These load pins are combined with Crosby G-2130 bolt style shackles to create a simple, reliable load monitoring system. The LCS is offered with the choice of integral cable or M12 connector versions 

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Random Product

AILC2 In Line Load Cell
AILC2 In Line Load Cell
Tension Compression Load Cell

 The AILC2 is an in-line load cell with metric male threads top and bottom, for the measurement of forces in both tension and compression.&

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